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The amount of light in a room helps to create the ambience you want, and you can control it with dimmable light bulbs – including dimmable LEDs. This guide shows how to find the right bulb, so that you can easily turn the amount of light up or down via a dimmer switch.

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Light bulb replacement

Base and Shape

Light bulbs come in different shapes, with different bases. Learn what to look for and how to make the right choice.

Light bulb replacement

Amount of Light

Light output is actually measured in lumen – not watt. Learn the difference and how to find out the amount of light a bulb produces.

Light bulb replacement

Light Effect

See how a bulb's light effect is influenced by its coating and how this can help you create the right kind of lighting.

Light bulb replacement

Color Temperature

Learn how the color temperature of a bulb can help you to create different moods.