Patient Monitoring

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  • IntelliVue Monitors

    • IntelliVue MP40 / MP50

      High-performance monitoring for flexible care settings

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    • IntelliVue MP2 Patient Monitor

      Fits virtually anywhere

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    • IntelliVue MP5

      Compact transport monitor in a rugged housing

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    • IntelliVue MX450

      Keeping pace with the point of care

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    • IntelliVue MX700

      Expand your view at the bedside and beyond

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    • IntelliVue MMS X2

      Efficient information workflow

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    • IntelliVue MX500

      Keeping pace with the point of care

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    • IntelliVue MP90 Patient Monitor

      Use a patient monitor with a highly flexible screen configuration that can be networked to span the hospital enterprise.

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    • IntelliVue MP5SC

      Enhance patient care with spot-check monitoring

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    • IntelliVue MX550

      Built for peace of mind

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    • IntelliVue MX40

      IntelliVue to go

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    • IntelliVue MP20 /MP30

      Compact, networked patient monitors for flexible care

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    • IntelliVue MX400

      When the point of care is on the move

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    • IntelliVue MX800

      It’s a patient monitor. It’s a clinical informatics workstation. It’s a revolution.

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  • SureSigns Monitors

    • SureSigns VM1

      Respiratory monitoring, when and where you need it

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    • SureSigns VS3

      Easy to use. Easy to support. Enhanced patient care.

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    • SureSigns VS2+

      A new outlook on vital signs

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    • SureSigns VS4

      Check vital signs and enter patient observations and assessments with an interface that is intuitive and straightforward.

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    • SureSigns VSi

      Vital signs made simple

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  • Clinical Decision Support

    • Clinical Decision Support ProtocolWatch - SSC Sepsis

      Clarifying patient status with Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC)

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    • Clinical Decision Support Event Surveillance

      An antidote to information overload

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    • Screen Trends

      Felxible clinical decision support tool

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    • Clinical Decision Support Horizon Trends

      A clear view of clinical measurements

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    • Clinical Decision Support ST Map

      Graphical display of ST segment data

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  • Surveillance And Networking

    • IntelliSpace Alarm Reporting Tool

      Support for an alarming problem

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    • IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX)

      You’ll love the Vue

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    • IntelliVue Information Center

      Secure web access with multi-patient views

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  • IntelliVue Cableless Measurement

    • IntelliVue Cableless Measurement

      Free more patients with cableless measurements

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  • Mobility Solutions

    • IntelliVue Mobile Caregiver

      Connect on the move for fast, responsive care

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