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"Our facility is really set apart from the rest, not only by its true multi-disciplinary approach in having all of the patients’ care under one roof, but also in what we offer to those patients.”


Jennifer Schaab,

Administrator Disney Family Cancer Center

Patients who enter a hospital may be frightened as they are anxious about the outcome and the procedure itself. Anxiety increases stress levels in patients and decreases the patient’s experience. Yet, anxiety can be reduced at each interaction, each point of contact, by providing attentive care and the proper information.

We believe good healthcare is people-centric – that there is a value beyond medical and technical expertise. A professional environment must also be psychologically supportive, instilling a sense of well-being.

Ambient Experience integrates technology (dynamic lighting, projection and sound), spatial design, and workflow improvements. By adding Ambient Experience, we help hospitals create an engaging, and multi-sensorial environment. It brings comfort to an otherwise stressful time and seeks to alleviate patient anxiety.


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