PCR Eleva Compact Computed radiography system

PCR Eleva Compact

Computed radiography system

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With PCR Eleva systems you can digitize conventional X-ray rooms. The single-slot PCR Eleva Compact is the smallest PCR family member. It is ideal for private practices, X-ray rooms with low CR throughput, or as a backup reader.

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PCR Eleva Compact reader
Cassette types
Standard and orthopedic cassettes
Cassette release time
65s to 101s, depending on cassette size and type sec
Cassette feeding unit
Single slot
up to 55 plates/hour
Scanning resolution
100 µm or 200 µm (200 µm through software re-sizing)
Readout resolution
10 px/mm (Standard Readout)
Max number of linked workspots
Eleva workspot
19" LCD color touch screen monitor or non-touch LCD monitor
DICOM functions
WLM, MPPS, GSDF, Print, Image Export, Media
Data input
Hardware or software keyboard, barcode scanner, and RIS connections
Max number of workspots per reader
Security rules
HIPAA compliant
Virus scanner
PCR cassettes
Same size and shape as conventional film cassettes
ID options
Space for barcode or label
Dynamic range
Very high
Special type
Special orthopedic and dental cassettes

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