Marketing & Sales Business Course

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Life should be simple

At Philips, we believe technology should be advanced but simple at the same time. So whether we're giving a mother the first glimpse of her unborn baby or helping people capture and share special moments, we touch lives every day. This is your chance to be part of that experience.


Giving you a great start

On our Marketing & Sales Business Course, you’ll need to demonstrate a unique combination of analytical and interpersonal skills, since finding the solution to tricky business issues is only part of the equation. Whether you're working as a team member or team leader, you'll need to be able to persuade others and influence decisions. Impress us and we’ll offer you a permanent position in Philips. Then we’ll give you all the professional guidance and personal development needed to take you to the top.


Skill requirements

We will consider you for a place on the Marketing & Sales Business Course if the following criteria apply to you:

  • Either a recent Master’s graduate or about to take your Master’s Degree (within the next 6 months) in a subject relevant to a career in Sales or Marketing
  • Excellent academic record
  • Quick-thinking and highly motivated, with a hands-on mentality, a passion for success and real leadership potential
  • Excited by the products we make at Philips, and by the prospect of joining a market-driven, globally-oriented company
  • Fluent in business English and preferably at least one other language
  • Willing to work in different countries, going where the business needs you
  • Willing to take your first steps in Philips in a sales role
  • You also preferably have practical experience as an intern in an industrial field, particularly in another country

Impress us in your application and we'll follow up with an interview to determine your suitability for a place on the course. 


Daniela Fleig

What participants say…

"It's a brilliantly organized course and the business cases really give you a feeling of what it means to run a company as challenging and exciting as Philips, launching products, making budget decisions, creating marketing campaigns, and planning human resource and manufacturing requirements." — Daniela Fleig, now Website Coordinator for Philips Consumer Electronics.


“In addition to giving me the opportunity to prove my talents by solving realistic business cases in a small team of top students, the course also gave me the chance to meet the passionate people behind the brand. Talking to senior management provides you with a true understanding of what Philips is all about and the immense opportunities the company offers to young talent.” — Dragan Oudshoorn, Key Account Sales Manager on a two-year Commercial Development Program at Philips DAP.


At this moment no Marketing & Sales Business Courses are scheduled for 2009. Please check our marketing & sales vacancies and apply for a challenging career with Philips.