Coaching & Feedback

Coaching & feedback

How are you performing?
At least once a year, you will have a meeting with your manager in which you discuss your performance and development. In this meeting, you review what you have achieved since you last met and plan your contribution for the coming year. Also, you discuss how you can develop within your current role and how you can grow into your next role. During the year, your manager will guide you in improving your performance by providing coaching and feedback.
You can ask your manager for help in creating and planning actions to achieve your short-term and long-term career goals. To make sure you get the guidance you need, we provide managers with learning opportunities to develop their coaching skills. At management level you can also request 360-degree feedback, where you calibrate your own leadership performance among your peers and leaders.


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Personal development is crucial to our success as a company. Make your potential a reality. Take the driver's seat in getting the support for your growth with the range of developmental tools that build a roadmap towards your desired end goals. Get the best learning experience wherever you are in the world — starting with the Core Curriculum, which offers courses relevant to everyone who works for Philips. This is supplemented by our Functional Curriculum, in which the courses are tailored towards particular functional areas. The combination of both curricula provides everyone at Philips globally with equal opportunities for personal development. These carefully designed programs provide you with broad and consistent development — at all levels of your career and according to the function you are in. Furthermore, you can take full advantage of our online career tools. You simply enroll yourself online for our global learning programs and experience the ideal balance between e-learning and traditional classroom training.


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