Leadership Talent

Leadership talent

We make it possible for you to build your career in a way that gives you sufficiently broad experience of Philips as a whole and of the challenges that you will encounter. As a future leader within our organization, you will be required to work in 2 different businesses, in 2 different functions and in 2 different regions. We call this the 2x2x2 Leadership Approach, and its aim is to take you out of your ‘comfort zone’ by stretching your capabilities further. By confronting you with a variety of situations, work forces, markets, cultures, tasks and structures, we ensure you gain an excellent overview of leadership issues and how to deal with them.


Talent identification
We use a practical four-step process to continue discovering new talent in the organization. We believe it is important to offer optimal opportunities to our talented employees, so they can develop to their full potential. This Talent Identification process is used consistently throughout our company to create the “pipeline of potential” for top positions. The process helps us identify you as a potential leader, find the right place for you within the company, discover your personal growth challenges, and find out how Philips can bring out the best in you.


Room to grow
Let us touch your life — by providing you with ongoing opportunities and a dynamic growth path during your career at Philips. Imagine learning from an incredibly diverse group of colleagues, managers, and mentors. Add to this the many different types of businesses in our company. All in all, you will enjoy a wide range of challenges and opportunities during your career.
In addition to benefiting from our Learning Curricula, you can count on guidance from our various best-in-class Human Resource processes. After all, we like to take care of our talent — it's part of our development culture and our company values. And we stimulate our employees to take responsibility in putting their talents into practice.


Management development review
Our annual management development review process is an integral part of succession planning for our top positions, and ensures a constant stream of management talent for Philips' future. Our Management Teams review their organizations all over the world to get a better view into the strengths and needs of each person and group as a whole. With these insights, and working together with Talent Managers, managers can identify ways to accelerate individual careers while supporting our overall business goals.

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