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Somneo the wake-up light that helps you drift off to sleep


Philips’ first wake-up light with RelaxBreathe, our smart light and sound-guided wind-down function, for a peaceful and faster transition to sleep.  84% of Somneo users feel more relaxed before falling asleep using the RelaxBreathe function*

*(MetrixLab, HUT Sept 2017, US n=113, after 2 weeks of use)

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Philips Airfryer, an easy, healthy way to fry


"Cooking healthy shouldn't mean sacrificing taste.  My family and I love using the Philips Airfryer because its unique TurboStar technology makes dishes taste great with amazing texture.  Air is the new oil, and this time-saving tool stays in our kitchen.  It's just like having my own little sous chef that doesn't talk back."

-Gordon Ramsay

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