VA Baby Showers

VA Baby Showers

At Philips, we’re committed to caring for our Veteran families when they need it most. That’s why in celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re joining forces with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to host the first-ever Nationwide Baby Shower to honor and support Military and Veteran families welcoming new babies in 2018. The Nationwide Baby Shower will celebrate expectant parents throughout the country and ensure they have what they need for their newborns during those first few weeks.


From May 5 – 16, we will be helping VA host 60 baby showers for more than 2,400 Military and Veteran families across VA Medical Centers nationwide – including Manchester, NH; Baltimore, MD; and Columbus, OH. At each of these events, Philips is proud to provide military families with baskets containing baby essentials.  


Through our participation, we hope to help drive awareness for all of the services that are available to women Veterans such as primary care, prenatal and preconception (pre-pregnancy) care, infertility services, maternity care services and the first seven days of newborn care.

nathan and bag

Nathan Naylor, Director of Business Development for Veterans Health at Philips, joins our friends at the Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Legion to celebrate military and Veteran families.


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