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View our portfolio of products, services and solutions for caregivers and healthcare professionals

Reimbursement news and tips

Information and news on health reform, reimbursement, coverage, Medicare, and private payers

Healthcare Consulting

Philips offers end-to-end consulting services to help you improve your operational effectiveness.


In today’s financial climate, there's more pressure than ever to access the cash for technology that helps facilitate quality patient care or provide the necessary capital (with attractive financing rates) to help you achieve your energy and economic goals.

Distance learning

In class and distance learning accredited courses are available on a variety of topics for clinical staff, biomedical engineers, and business administrators.




Innovation that matters

As a thought leader in innovation, we’re constantly striving to improve people’s lives. Our blog, Innovation Matters, gives our leaders a platform to ignite conversations and connect communities.

Philips Design

We believe that good design is about creating products and solutions that satisfy people's needs, empower them and make them happier. All of this while respecting the environment in which we live. We achieve this by being a strategic partner in design for Philips and our selected external clients. By tapping into the vast potential value that design can bring to business, we contribute to the profitable growth of our clients.

Philips Research

Philips Research provides technology options for innovations in the area of health and wellbeing, targeted at both developed and emerging markets. Positioned at the frontend of the innovation process, we work on everything from spotting trends and ideation to proof of concept and – where needed – first-of-a-kind product development.

Innovation and you

Featured stories about how we are improving people’s lives around the world every day.

Intellectual Properties Standards (IPS)

Provides information about our broad range of licensing products and services and activities such as standardization, trademarks, domain names, designs and more.