The essence of family-centered care

In a neonatal ICU, babies and their parents need personalized care that not all hospitals can provide. With bright lights and high sound levels, a neonatal ICU can exert harmful effects on a baby’s immature brain that alter its subsequent development. This traumatic experience can last for days, weeks, or months. But there are innovative healthcare solutions that could improve the situation for both babies and their families.

You can’t fully understand what it’s like in intensive care until you’ve lived it.”


New mother

Mangiagalli Hospital

Transforming a place of struggle between life and death into a place that respects daily rhythms is very important.”


Professor Fabio Mosca

Director of Intensive Neonatal Care, Mangiagalli Hospital

Focus on the family

Focus on the family

How creating space for the family can improve the hospital experience.

Preterm birth


Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation), and this number is rising.

75% of the 1 million children who die due to preterm complications 3/4 could survive with medical intervention.  

Across 184 countries the rate of preterm birth ranges from 5% to 18% of babies born.

Survival is the key 

By ensuring that this need for family-centered care is enshrined in the philosophy of a hospital’s neonatal ICU, Philips believes a premature baby has a vastly increased chance of survival. However, it’s not just the healthcare technology that can make this happen, it’s also a matter of ensuring that there is proper training and support, all of which Philips provides.

The baby was protected from noise and light in the womb, so we must create an environment as close to that as possible.”


Professor Fabio Mosca

Director of Intensive Neonatal Care, Mangiagalli Hospital

The Philips lighting system isn’t simply about babies, nor is it about mothers. It is about family-centered care. By building these connections and personalizing healthcare so that it becomes more meaningful to individuals, we can help to build healthier lives. The patient is the entire family and only if we care for the entire family with a view toward family-centered care, do we succeed in taking good care of the baby.

Lighting Transformation


Philips created a lighting system that nurtures mother and baby. Normally an ICU will have one light switch for the entire room, yet each baby’s needs within their incubator are different. With the Mangiagalli system, the lighting can be adjusted - brightened when medical staff needs to perform procedures and dimmed at other times.

Family-centered care

Creating a better NICU environment for premature babies and their families.

Monitoring devices and training


The provision of technology is only half of the story - part of the Philips philosophy is to ensure that all medical staff are properly and regularly trained in operating high-tech neonatal care equipment.

Transforming maternal moods


Philips also worked with the hospital to renovate its breast milk initiation rooms. The new system, with its softer, more calming lights can be simply controlled to help mothers relax and express milk.

Better breastfeeding

Better breastfeeding

Behind the scenes of the success of Mangiagalli's breastfeeding initiation rooms.

Breast milk – a vital nourishment


Expressed breast milk is essential for premature babies as they have not yet developed the natural sucking action ability. The importance of breast milk to babies cannot be understated – as well as essential nutrients; it provides antibodies to build up the immune system, which is especially important for premature infants. Click to find out more.

Implications for our health


Lighting has a powerfully restorative effect on our health, and we are only beginning to understand how certain hues can affect us. In hospitals, where people are normally at their most nervous and vulnerable, this is especially important. The potential to develop such technology for other age groups and in other special care units is huge.

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