The vivid future of office life

A LED lighting system that changes the work environment.

We all want to feel a little more inspired at work, to fight off those occasional mid-afternoon dips and find smart ways to work on particularly complex projects. A smart LED lighting system saves on costs and reduces harm to the environment because LEDs needs less energy to operate.

AkzoNobel, based in Shanghai, is the world’s largest paints and coatings company and after installing one of Philips’s advanced LED lighting systems it noticed some extraordinary changes within the office. People interacted with each other in a more positive manner.

Philips lighting helps us create an optimal working environment for our employees."


Lin Liangqui

President, AkzoNobel China

The office environment is, next to the home, probably the most important place we inhabit and it needs innovative lighting that’s designed to work in harmony with both our minds and bodies. That’s precisely what Philips LEDs can provide – thousands of different colors, intricate and personalized controls to create an optimal working environment that’s visually appealing. And because the LEDs are designed to use less energy and so have less impact on the environment, their sustainability credentials are impeccable.

How much of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings?

Buildings represent 32% of total final energy consumption globally. In terms of primary energy consumption, buildings represent around 40% in most IEA countries. Citation: International Energy Agency - Energy efficiency FAQs

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