Family centered care

Philips approach to innovation always puts the patients' needs first.
  • A Ugandan woman is examined using an ultrasound machine which can be read remotely by medics hundreds of miles away. This innovation allows the poorest mothers in rural Uganda to access quality pre-natal care.

  • Lighting designer Scott Oldner uses Philips lights in the Phoenix Children's Hospital to create a magical, comforting environment. He uses interactive lighting to delight young patients and distract them from their illness.

  • The Philips lighting system at the Mangiagalli hospital allows personalized care to help nurture new mothers and premature babies by allowing for the individual adjustment of lighting systems to match the needs of the baby.

  • Advanced technologies can reduce the need for invasive procedures which helps patients recover faster from treatment.

  • Doctors and hospitals benefit from simple, portable and fast-working machines that can collect data to provide a coherent picture of a patient’s health status.

  • Ralph McCurdy receives high-quality healthcare, thanks to an innovative and efficient telemedicine program from Philips and Banner Health.

  • Doctors from throughout the Middle East train at the American University of Beirut

  • Philips innovative digital MRI scanners are helping clinicians to give a quick and accurate diagnosis which can lead to faster surgical intervention.

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