From Intern to Hired

Name: Nate Lee

Role: Development Engineer, Philips Healthcare

Title: Software Engineer

Location: Andover, MA

Time with Philips: Intern for 6 months, 1 month as a full-time employee

Interests & Passions: Working with Engineers Without Borders, which allows me to travel internationally and apply my engineering skills to humanitarian efforts around the world.


It was 2 days before graduation and I was about to embark on entering this ‘real world’ I kept hearing so much about in college, and had spent so much time preparing for.


But I was ready. I truly felt ready to start the next chapter of my life. I spent 4 years, loads of tuition money, internships, countless hours and late nights at Boston University – all to achieve this degree in Biomedical Engineering. Yet here there I was, just 2 days away before I walked across that stage at graduation – excited, terrified, and a little uncertain – all of these emotions pulsed through my mind as I looked towards the future, asking myself one question over and over again.


What’s next for me?


Then my cell rang. Looking back I was in a fog of anticipation as the familiar voice on the line said the words, “I have some very good news”. All I heard next were dribs and drabs of what she was saying: “we’d like to offer you…” and “Philips”. It was at this moment, after months of interviewing at different companies, that I knew exactly what the answer was to my own question.


Fast forward 2 months and I’m sitting here in a lab at Philips Healthcare as a Development Engineer. The woman on the phone, Kaura Lall, was a recruiter from Philips who had been relentlessly advocating on my behalf to various managers along with two other recruiters, Erin Doyan and Amy McNair. They were steadfast in helping me land a spot as my 6-month project with Philips was concluding.


It has been a whirlwind since I graduated – the start of one new chapter and a close of another. From learning the difference between a 401k and Roth IRA, to the intricacies of FDA medical regulation, to a salary, a daily commute, and a bunch of awesome work colleagues, it’s all very new and I have a ton to learn. But the confidence I gained from completing my degree has helped me immensely, and I am grateful to be given this opportunity to set myself on this career path with Philips.


Nate Lee is writing a blog series about his post-grad experience to the work he is doing at Philips Healthcare as a Development Engineer. Make sure to check back the Life at Philips blog as continues to give an inside look at his work with Philips.