Striking The Right Work-Life Balance

Name: Christine Trefethen

Title: Regulatory Affairs Manager

Location: Andover, MA

Time with Philips: 3+ years

Passions & Interests: My kids, my kids, and my kids! My husband too.



I have recently had an epiphany. It’s so earth-shattering that I’m almost scared to tell you about it. Are you ready for it? Here goes…


Having a great career while being a parent can be done. I’m living proof.




Shocking, right? Don’t get me wrong – it’s not easy. I think any parent out there reading this is nodding in agreement. Anyone trying to find that balance of work family, and minimizing craziness knows exactly what I’m talking about. We juggle so much on a daily basis, and at times - just sometimes - we want to pull our hair out! We’re all entitled to those moments, don’t you think?


But what I’ve found in my work as a Regulatory Affairs Manager at Philips is that growing my career isn’t some kind of chore, task, or burden, but something I’m actually empowered and encouraged to do. A lot of parents worry, even if we don’t say it out loud, that having kids can sometimes take your career path in another direction. Not a bad direction, just different. But my time with Philips has been just the opposite.


So, from one parent to another, here are the top 3 reasons why I’ve been able to thrive in my two full-time jobs as parent and Regulatory Affairs professional:


1. People here care about my career. Seriously. They do.


My master’s degree? Philips paid for it. No questions, no problems. That’s not something that a lot of companies do. Here it’s seen more as in investment in me to help be an expert in my role here at Philips. Regulatory Affairs is a major focus of our company right now with a lot of opportunity for the right people.


2. I’m treated like an adult.


What a concept, right? Work life balance is such a big need from people nowadays, but I feel like most companies just talk the talk, but here we walk the walk. For example, I drop my kids off and pick them up at daycare. If I need to work from home to ease my commute, I can. I’m treated like an adult and trusted to do my job on my terms.


3. Promotions actually happen here.


I started as Regulatory Specialist 3, and within two years I was promoted. Then in January of this year I was promoted again to a manager. So in 3+ years I went from a Specialist to managing people in 3 different states. I actually prefer ‘leading people’ over ‘managing’, as that’s really what I try to do with my amazing team. They motivate me every day to work hard for them, and I hope that’s a two-way street.


If you’d like to learn more from Christine Trefethen about her experiences at Philips and the work she is doing in Regulatory Affairs with Philips, she can be contacted via LinkedIn.