Alumni Networking Events at Philips

Name: Chelsey Guselli

Role: Campus Recruiting at Philips

Title: University Relations Project Manager

Location: Andover, MA

Time with Philips: 2 years

Interests & Passions: I like to golf and spend time with my family.

My name is Chelsey Guselli and I am the University Relations Project Manager on the Talent Acquisition team at Philips. Two years ago, I was searching for the right company to start my career and I came across a position at Philips. As I researched more about the company, I knew this was the right place for me. I joined Philips in 2013 as the Campus Recruitment Coordinator.

My duties included scheduling events and on campus interviews for each school we recruited talent from. In spring of 2015, I received a promotion to be the University Relations Project Manager, which was a new position that was created Philips. I was thrilled and very excited to be given this opportunity.

One of the main objectives of the program is to create a community within Philips by bringing individuals from all departments together that have one commonality; being an alum from one of our tier one universities. Over the past few years, the Philips Campus Recruiting Team has focused our recruiting efforts on six major universities’ within the United States; Boston University (MA), Case Western Reverse University (OH), Northeastern University (MA), Pennsylvania State University (PA), UMass Lowell (MA), and University of Washington (WA). As the University Relations Project Manager, our data shows that we have over 800 alumni across all six universities. We knew that this would be a perfect opportunity to start a community within Philips given the volume of employees that would get involved. Every month, we host a social event that could include lunch-ins, breakfast, or even an ice cream social.


I knew that since this was a newly created position for our team that I would be challenged on a day to day basis and be pushed out of my comfort zone. This has done nothing but helped me grow professionally in my career. Philips is a company that stands by their people and provides opportunity for growth, and I believe my story is a great example of that. I am excited to be part of creating a new program for Philips and am very much looking forward to see where this program takes us in the future.


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