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    healthy routines main

    Find comfort in a healthy routine


    Right now, as things change around us, we know that following the advice of experts, sticking to healthy routines and holding tight to what matters most, will help us stay strong. We're offering some tips and easy solutions to help you and your loved ones stay well at home.

      Scroll down for easy solutions for creating healthy routines at home

      Mind, body and spirit: The power of a confident smile​

      A bright smile can go a long way article image

      A bright smile can go a long way in keeping positive during this time

      One smile leads to another—during a time when they may be in short supply. All the more reason to care for your smile with a daily oral hygiene routine.
      Philips Sonicare teledentistry solution video
      Visit a dentist virtually from the comfort of your home. 

      Right now, taking care, means sticking to healthy routines

      sonicare article image

      A simple routine to teach healthy habits for life

      Daily tooth-brushing can help parents teach their kids the value of healthy routines.
      Sonicare always gets it right still video
      When it comes to your oral health care, get it right every time.

      Your self-care is baby's future care

      Mother and Child Care: Camilla_Avent video
      The first few months: adapting feeding routines for your baby.
      6 self-care strategies expectant moms (and dads!) can practice at home article image

      6 self-care strategies expectant moms (and dads!) can practice at home

      Unplug, exercise, and plan ahead. Tips and ideas for expecting parents to help settle into a new normal.

      How to get the rest you and your baby need

      the importance of sleep
      Make life a little more restful, for everyone.
      4 tips to establish a healthy sleep routine

      4 tips to establish a healthy sleep routine for you and your baby 

      Restful sleep can do wonders for your mind, body and spirit, and it is equally important for your baby’s wellbeing.

      Grooming at home: Your style, made simple.

      MG article

      6 tips to maintain your style & routine while social distancing

      Make time for yourself. Prioritize healthy choices. Create a schedule. Stay connected. Keep looking good!
      Beard styles article
      If you're trying out facial hair for the first time, here’s a great guide for finding your style.

      Get your groom on!

      5 grooming styles and tips article

      5 grooming and style tips while working from home

      When your bedroom becomes your boardroom.
      How to create the scruffy beard video
      Own that scruffy beard like you mean it. Or, experiment with other styles that fit your mood.

      Dining in is the new dining out. 

      Spinach spaghetti still video
      Try a restaurant inspired recipe from the comfort of your kitchen.
      OHC article

      Make the most of mealtime at home with tasty dishes the whole family will enjoy.

      Make cooking at home a family affair. Then, extend the invitation to share new favorite recipes with others around a virtual dinner table.

      Staple gourmet

      Soup maker
      Now is the time to turn your pantry into your cookbook
      staple gourmet article image

      Creative cooking with pantry and fridge staples can nourish you and your family

      Now is the time to turn your pantry into your cookbook.

      Grab a virtual coffee with colleagues​

      Coffee article
      Try these delicious coffee recipes from home.
      Recreate your coffee shop experience at home with your favorite brew and a few (virtual) friends article

      Recreate your coffee shop experience at home with your favorite brew and a few (virtual) friends

      Coffee has always been a great way to start the day. Now, it can be one of the best ways to help you get through it.

      Be your own barista

      Philips coffee machine and Brian
      Your favorite coffee brewed just the way you like it. Anytime. Everytime.
      Be your own barista

      Savor the convenience of brewing your favorite coffee drink at home

      Start each day with your favorite coffeeshop drink from the comfort of your kitchen.

      Wake up refreshed, every morning

      Feel rested and refreshed

      Waking up feeling refreshed and energized puts you in the right mindset to take on the day.

      Feeling refreshed and energized each morning is an advantageous way to start your day.
      Wake up light still video
      Set the tone for your day to achieve a good night’s rest.
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      Sleep well and stay well

      Wake up light video
      Stay true to your sleep routine with  healthy habits.
      Achieve a healthier sleep

      Stay true to your sleep routine with healthy habits.

      You can help protect your sleep, and all the benefits that come with it, by maintaining a great sleep routine. Learn how with these tips.
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