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    Magret de Canard

    A classic supper dish inspired by al fresco dining in the South of France.

    Servings 1 persons, Preparation time 5 minutes, Cooking time: 22 minutes
    0-30 minutes
    Main courses


    • Roughly 1 whole duck breast per person
    • Lots of fresh thyme leaves, well rubbed
    • Coarse sea salt
    • Freshly ground pepper


    • Using a sharp knife, slash the fatty side of the duck breasts in parallel lines along the length of the meat. Season the breasts liberally on both sides then slide slivers of garlic between the fatty layer and the meat. Place the duck breasts together so that the skin side is on the outside then tie in place with butchers' twine.
    • Remove the stirrer and preheat the HomeCooker at 250°C for 4 minutes. Place the duck breast fat side down in the pan and roast it for 4 minutes at 175°C. Turn over and roast for 3 minutes at 175°C. After 3 minutes cover the pan with the lid and set the HomeCooker to 15 minutes at 130°C.
    • When done, allow the breasts to rest in the pan for 5 minutes then remove the string and slice the breasts crossways into very fine strips.
    • Chef’s tip: Like steaks in France, they are served rare, but unlike beef they are often served with a slightly sweet and sour sauce and/or fruit, to counteract the natural fattiness of the meat.
    Magret de Canard | Philips
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