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    Meet our experts

    Vicki Scott is a qualified midwife, nursery and maternity nurse, nanny and breastfeeding consultant with 25 years’ experience. She’s also our baby feeding and wellbeing advisor. Here’s what she says about Philips Avent: 
    I always recommend Philips Avent products to moms because their innovative solutions make feeding and caring for baby’s health and safety easier. They have a tried, tested and trusted solution for every mom – and every baby’s need."

    Keith is a team leader at our Avent factory in Glemsford with over 15 years’ experience. He really understands what helps moms and babies enjoy the best start, and he’s proud of the high-quality British products his team produces. 
    We always thought that one of the best things about the Avent range is that everything fits each item, from the breast pump to the toddler cups with handles."


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