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Philips Sonicare vs Oral-B

Philips Sonicare vs Oral-B

Philips Sonicare is the #1 power toothbrush brand choice of dentists in the USA

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean with our best brush head1 gives you

Better clean Icon
A better clean than the Oral-B 7000 with their best brush head1
Up to 82% more plaque removal Icon
Up to 82% more plaque removal than Oral-B's best brush head1
Improved gum health Icon
Improved gum health up to 70% more than Oral-B's best brush head1
Based on 6 week clinical study with Philips Sonicare DiamondClean with Premium Plaque Control brush head, vs. Oral-B 7000 with CrossAction brush head, both in Deep Clean mode

What gives Philips Sonicare its amazing cleaning power?

It's our unique sonic technology 

Our electric toothbrushes perform up to 31,000 brush strokes a minute. That's more than an entire month worth of manual brush strokes, in only 2 minutes.

All this power is packed into a slim, ergonomic handle, for an exceptional brushing experience.

Let's compare features head to head

We compared the features of our DiamondClean Smart to the Oral-B Genius, and the results speak for themselves. 
DiamondClean Smart 9700 vs Oral-B Genius 8000 graphic
DiamondClean Smart 9700
Oral-B Genius 8000
› Toothbrush features
Brush heads in box
Intensity levels
Charging glass
Battery life
up to 21 days**
up to 12 days*
Deluxe charging travel case
› Smart features
Brush head usage tracking
Pressure sensor
Scrubbing sensor
Built-in brushing location sensor
Freedom to move while brushing***
Brush head automatically selects optimal mode

* Depending on which model you have, it should take between 14 and 22 hours to fully charge the brush, and then the juice should last for between 5 and 12 days of brushes (when brushing twice a day, for 2 minutes each time). 

** Operating time (full to empty): Up to 3 weeks based on two periods of two-minute brushings per day on standard mode.

*** To use the Position Detectionin of the Oral-B Genius, you need to ensure your face is in clear view of your upright phone. The location sensor of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart works anywhere, so you have the freedom to move around while you brush.

Don't just take our word for it
What other people are saying about the DiamondClean Smart

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is fabulous

I have used Braun electric toothbrushes for several years. This was my first time trying the Philips DiamondClean Smart. This complimentary product was provided to to provide feedback, and I absolutely loved it. The toothbrush has a long durable battery that did not need recharging for 10+ days.

Also, the toothbrush is powerful and effective yet gentleon your gums. I like the added bells & whistles like tongue care, but the bluetooth connectivity and feedback is my favorite. The toothbrush tracks your brushing habits, and gives you suggestions about areas you may want to focus on... Two year normal warranty, is an added plus.

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Kaid - Naperville, IL
Excellent toothbrush with different types brush heads
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is the best product I have ever seen in the electric toothbrush brands. After using this for a week I was completely getting a feel of fresh breathe in my mouth. Toothbrush has different level of cleaning required which will be auto selected based on the tooth brush head we connect to the base. 
I completely enjoi using this Sonicare Diamond Clean tooth brush. This brush increases my confident level within me while speaking with Others. Overall I love this brush (Sonicare Diamond Clean) and it will be suited to all persons of different ages. And I should mention i was given a free sample to try this product and I will try to use in the future as well. I really enjoyed using this.
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Sathish - Chicago, IL
Best toothbrush out there
This is the best toothbrush out there in my opinion. My teeth haven't felt cleaner. It's easy to set up toothbrush to app. Easy to use. Especially love the travel case. Tongue cleaner feels like a massage. Love the variety of toothbrish heads. 
Love that when I'm trying to multitask and brush harder the vibration changes and light catches my eye  to let me know to ease up and the app will let me know im going to fast. I was provided with a sample diamondclean smart as prize in a contest for sharing feedback about the product.
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Aguidroz - Kaplan, LA

It's not just your smile that will look good

Our premium design and deluxe accessories mean your bathroom will also benefit

Premium brush heads

Comes with 7 premium brush heads, and one TongueCare+ tongue cleaner, giving you the best in plaque removal, whitening, gum care and fresh breath. 

Smart sensor suite

Our smart sensors take the guesswork out of brushing, by giving you real-time feedback to help you improve your brushing technique.

5 modes, and 3 intensities

Clean, White+, Deep Clean+, Gum Health, and Tongue Care modes. Three intensities let you customize your clean.

Connected app

Think of this as your straight-talking oral health coach. It helps you track and meet your oral health goals, so you can feel confident in your smile. 

Deluxe travel case

Store your toothbrush hygienically when you're on the go. And the best part is, it doubles as a charger!

Charging glass

Simply place your toothbrush into the sleek glass holder, and it instantly starts charging 

Smart brush head recognition 

This toothbrush sets the optimal mode and intensity setting for each brush head. 

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Philips Sonicare teeth whitening Icon

Philips Sonicare

There you have it. That is how Philips Sonicare DiamondClean and DiamondClean Smart compares to Oral-B 8000 and Oral-B Genius.

Whether you want an electric toothbrush to focus on gum health, teeth whitening or plaque removal; or something that does everything, Philips Sonicare has your smile covered. Our electric toothbrushes use sonic technology to sweep away plaque and give a deep clean. Go on, treat your smile.