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    Feel more rested and refreshed without changing how long you sleep*

    SmartSleep with sensor
    70 % of users reported feeling less tired

    Better sleep for better days

    Developed with doctors and researchers, SmartSleep is a wearable sleep technology clinically proven to help improve the quality of your sleep for consumers who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle– so you don’t need more sleep to wake up with more energy.

    • Feel more rested and refreshed without changing how long you sleep
    • Increase your energy
    • Reduce daytime sleepiness
    • Comfortable and easy-to-use wearable and mobile app
    • Designed for people who typically sleep less than 7 hours per night
    • Coming Spring 2018

    *When used for two weeks in people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle, as reported by users

    See how it works

    SmartSleep is a complete wearable sleep solution, proven to help improve the quality of your sleep for those who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle.


    Sound tones enhance the “slow waves” your brain produces during deep sleep. Two small sensors detect when you’re in slow wave sleep, monitoring your sleep levels and responding with tones when you’re ready for a boost. Our proprietary algorithm customizes the timing and volume of tones delivered to boost your slow waves, so you can make the most of the deep sleep time you have.

    SmartSleep is for people who:

    • Are between the ages of 18 and 40
    • Sleep 5-7 hours per night for four-plus nights a week (because of lifestyle, not trouble sleeping)
    • Sleep well when they are asleep
    • Have no issues falling or staying asleep

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    What are slow waves?

    Brain waves during sleep that help you feel rested

    Our bodies cycle through different types of sleep at night: rapid-eye movement (or REM), and non-REM sleep, which has three stages.

    When your body is in the third stage – deep sleep – your heartbeat and breathing slow to their lowest levels and muscles relax. This is the most rejuvenating stage of sleep often called “slow wave sleep”.

    See how slow waves enhance your deep sleep.

    Created by sleep experts. Proven by sleep science.

    Be your best self. SmartSleep is clinically proven to help users3:

    • Increase energy 
    • Boost alertness 
    • Improve the quality of sleep

    What SmartSleep doesn’t do:


    • Help you fall asleep
    • Help you stay asleep
    • Prolong your deep sleep
    • Serve as an alarm clock
    • Help with existing sleep conditions such as insomnia, restless legs or sleep apnea

    Designed in collaboration with doctors and researchers

    clinicians image

    Founded in 10 years of deep sleep research by industry leading experts

    research image

    Supported by four years of Philips research and development

    calendar image

    From a health tech leader in innovation for 130 years

    experience innovation
    Physician icon

    Doctors and clinicians

    Interested in learning more about the science of SmartSleep? Click here

    Track your sleep improvement with SmartSleep mobile app

    Get an inside look at what happens while you sleep. The SleepMapper app tracks your sleep patterns over time, measuring the slow wave boosts you get overnight. Sync to app to your headband each morning to see the following and more:

    If you are looking for information about CPAP; please click this link to go to the Philips DreamMapper site.

    iPhone 7 Sleep Graph

    Overall sleep score

    iPhone 7

    Number of slow wave boosts and their impact

    Why can you use SmartSleep confidently?



    • Off the grid: Connectivity is disabled when device is being worn
    • Do not disturb: Tone volume controlled by proprietary algorithm and is designed not to wake you

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    1 Sensing accuracy and product performance is lower in people over age 50 due to a natural reduction in slow wave amplitude.

    2 Volume does not exceed 80dB. People with hearing impairment unable to hear 80dB will not benefit from SmartSleep

    When used for 2 weeks in people who do not get enough sleep due to lifestyle

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