Avent Classic PES baby bottle

1 Bottle, 11oz/330ml, Variable flow nipple, 3m+ SCF666/27


My Philips Avent feeding bottle is leaking

Philips Avent bottles might leak from under the locking ring for more than one reason. Find out how to fix it yourself.

Tips and tricks

Following the guidelines below will help to avoid a leak:

1) Always assemble the nipples under wet conditions.

  • If the nipple is dry: wet the base with pre-boiled water before pulling the nipple through the screw ring, to ensure the skirt will slip easily into place inside the neck of the bottle and form a seal

2) Check that the top section has not been over-tightened, as this can distort or trap the anti-colic skirt, which will not allow the proper operation of the one-way valve.

3) Ensure formula powder is not present on the inside top fraction of the bottle.

  • Remove any debris or residue that may collect around the rim of the bottle base before assembly

Tip 1: the nipple

Make sure the nipple is wet when assembling the bottle

Tip 2: placing the nipple

Place the nipple in the screw ring and pull through by the nipple until a click is heard

Assembling the nipples and rings

Tip 3: position cap

Check that the top section is fixed properly

Nipple correct position

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF666/27 .

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