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    Avent Spout Cup

    200ml, 6m+ Soft Spout SCF750/11


    My Philips Avent cup is leaking

    A Philips Avent cup may leak for more than one reasons. Find out how to mend it yourself and avoid any leakage.

    Tips and tricks

    1) Always ensure the spout and valve is properly assembled.

    • If you removed the valve for cleaning, please place the valve on the spout and ensuring it is on securely:
    • Insert the spout assembly upward inside the screw ring, until you hear a click.

    2) Check if the ring has not been over-tightened as this can prevent the valve from operating correctly.

    3) Sportster and Magic Cups are not suitable for hot, fizzy or pulpy liquids.

    4) Do not use cups with spouts to mix infant formula as this may clog the non-spill valve and cause components to leak.

    If you have lost or damaged the spout or valve, replacements are available to purchase by clicking on our parts & accessories link, or by contacting Philips Customer Care.

    Assembling Avent Cup

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF750/11 , SCF752/22 , SCF752/11 , SCF604/22 , SCF625/01 , SCF609/22 , SCF608/22 , SCF606/22 , SCF606/05 , SCF600/11 , SCF609/01 , SCF608/01 , SCF604/11 , SCF602/01 , SCF606/01 , SCF600/12 , SCF602/22 , SCF600/22 , SCF602/02 , SCF602/12 . more less

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