Avent uGrow healthy baby app

Android and iOS SCD888/26


My Philips Avent uGrow App closed or crashed

In the unfortunate event of your Philips Avent uGrow App crashing, we are here to help. Find out how to easily solve this yourself.

Remove and reinstall the uGrow App

If you find your uGrow App is crashing frequently, try the following options one by one:

  1. close and restart the uGrow App,
  2. ensure you installed the latest uGrow App version,
  3. restart your phone.

As last option you can remove and reinstall the uGrow App. By reinstalling the app, you won't lose any synced data, but your previously added photo's will not be shown on the timeline.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD888/26 .