Avent My First Transition Cup

4m+ SCF259/01

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a Philips Avent Bottle?

Philips Avent bottles will support the choice of feeding, whether supplementing breastfeeding with an occasional bottle of breast milk, or bottle-feeding exclusively.
All our bottles have an anti-colic function, and are easy to use, assemble and clean thanks to few parts and wide neck.
While our anti-colic bottle has been trusted by millions of mums for over 30 years, the Natural bottle is our most innovative bottle. It combines all the benefits of anti-colic bottles and a nipple that resembles the natural form and feel of the breast. This allows an easy transition for the baby between breast and bottle feeding.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF259/01 , SCF259/04 , SCF259/03 , SCF259/02 , SCD390/00 , SCF425/27 , SCF424/27 , SCF423/27 , SCF422/27 , SCF421/27 , SCF407/35 , SCF407/34 , SCF407/33 , SCF407/32 , SCF407/31 , SCF407/12 , SCF406/37 , SCF406/27 , SCF406/17 , SCF405/57 , SCF405/37 , SCF404/57 , SCF404/37 , SCF403/57 , SCF403/47 , SCF403/37 , SCF403/27 , SCF403/17 , SCF402/37 , SCF401/37 , SCF400/57 , SCF400/47 , SCF400/37 , SCF400/27 , SCF400/17 , SCD397/01 , SCD396/01 , SCD391/00 , SCD392/57 , SCD393/02 , SCD393/03 , SCD394/01 , SCD398/01 . more less

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