Norelco Detail trimmer 1100 Precision detail trimmer, Series 1000

Dual sided cutting element, Flexible head, Built in light NT1100/60


The handle of my Philips nose trimmer becomes hot

The handle probably became warm because the trimming element is so dirty that it got stuck.

Soak the trimming element of the nose trimmer in a bowl of warm water with some soap for 2 minutes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: NT1100/60 , NT3555/60 , NT8110/10 , NT1000/60 , NT3155/60 , NT3345/49 , NT3345/60 , NT3355/49 , NT3355/60 , NT5175/42 , NT5175/49 , NT8110/60 , NT9105/40 , NT9110/60 , NT9110/70 , NT9130/40 , NT9145/60 , XA9146/42 . more less

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