Saeco Intuita Super-automatic espresso machine

Brews 3 coffee varieties, Classic Milk Frother, Black, 5 step adjustable grinder HD8750/47


A light flashes on the control panel of my Saeco Intuita espresso machine.

Your Saeco Intuita espresso machine's control panel can show several indicator lights. Discover their meaning.

CALC CLEAN button (red)

  • Steady on:
    The machine needs to be descaled. Once you have started the descaling procedure, you need to complete it and let all cycles run until the very end.

  • Flashing slowly (once per second):
    The descaling procedure is active. As long as the CALC CLEAN button flashes, the descaling procedure is ongoing and not yet finished. Continue with the descaling procedure.

  • Flashing quickly (2 times per second):

    • You have paused the CALC CLEAN procedure by pressing the CALC CLEAN button while it was flashing slowly. Press the CALC CLEAN button again to continue. The descaling procedure continues.
    • You interrupted the descaling procedure before it was finished completely. Follow the instructions in “I cannot finish the descaling procedure of my Saeco Intuita”.
    • If the CALC CLEAN button flashes quickly while the “no water” light is on, the descaling procedure is not yet finished. Finish the descaling procedure.
CALC CLEAN flashing

Warning light / Exclamation symbol (red)

  • Flashing slowly (once per second):
    • The service door is open or not closed properly. Make sure you close the service door.
    • The brew group is not inserted or not inserted correctly. Take out the brew group, clean and grease it. Place it back again into the machine.
Warning light (red)

Coffee grounds drawer light (red)

  • Flashing slowly (once per second):
    The coffee grounds drawer needs to be inserted. Insert the coffee ground drawer.

  • Flashing quickly (2 times per second):
    The coffee grounds drawer is full and needs to be emptied. Always empty the coffee grounds drawer is emptied while the machine is switched ON. If the coffee grounds drawer is emptied while the machine is switched OFF, the coffee cycle counter is not reset. In that case, the indicator light that warns you to empty the coffee grounds drawer may even light up when the drawer is not full.

  • Keeps flashing quickly after placing back the coffee grounds drawer:
    The coffee grounds drawer was placed back too fast. Take out the coffee drawer while the machine is turned on. Empty it and wait until the red light starts flashing slowly before reinserting the coffee grounds drawer.

Coffee grounds drawer light (red)

No coffee light (red)

Steady on:
The coffee bean hopper is empty. Refill the coffee bean hopper with coffee beans and restart the brewing cycle.

No coffee light (red)

No water light (red)

Steady on:
The water tank is empty. Fill the water tank with fresh water.

No water light (red)

No water light + Warning light + Hot water dispensing button

Flashing slowly:
The water circuit needs to be primed. Dispense some hot water to prime the machine.

No water light + Warning light + Hot water dispensing button

On/OFF button

The machine is in stand-by modus. Press the button to turn on the machine. In stand-by mode, the energy consumption is below 1Wh

On/OFF button

All four lights are flashing

Please identify in which situation all four lights started to flash and try the corresponding solution.

When using an AquaClean/Brita filter

  1. Remove the filter from the water tank and switch the machine OFF and back ON
  2. If the message disappears the filter was not well prepared or clogged. Prepare the filter or replace it when used longer than 3 months.

All lights switch on directly after the machine has been switched on

  1. Switch OFF the machine.
  2. Remove the water tank and remove any coffee beans located on the bottom of the water tank compartment.
  3. Check if the steam wand is clogged. Remove scale/dirt of the steam wand with a needle
  4. Switch the machine back ON and dispense 2-3 cups of hot water.

All lights switch on during brewing

  1. Switch the machine OFF.
  2. Clean and grease the brew group
  3. Change the grind setting to a courser grind setting (higher number)

All lights switch on directly after or during descaling**

  • Parts of lime-scale are blocking the system. Switch off the machine for one hour. If the message disappears, descale another time the machine
Multiple lights flash

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8750/47 .

Other issues
Power/ Charging / Battery life(1)
Temperature issues(1)
Brew group(2)

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