Norelco Shaver 8700 Wet & dry electric shaver, Series 8000

UltraTrack heads, 3-way flexing heads 1250X/45


My Philips shaver makes a strange sound

If the trimmer is not retracted completely , your Philips shaver can make a strange sound. Press the trimmer slide backwards to retract the trimmer.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 1250X/45 , RQ1290/23 , 1280X/45 , 1280X/40 , 1255X/44 , 1059X/20 , 1050X/22 , 1060X/20 , RQ1060/20 , RQ1050/18 , 1250X/40 , 1250X/42 , 1260X/40 , 1280X/42 , 1290X/40 . more less

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