VisaPure Advanced 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

10x better cleansing than by hands, Immediate results in 9 out of 10 women, Special precision cleansing brush, Massage attachment for glowing skin SC5371/10


I got a skin reaction when I first used Philips VisaPure.

VisaPure cleanses your skin deeply and stimulates blood circulation. If your skin is used to the treatment, you may experience slight skin reactions like redness or skin tightness on occasion. If your skin is not used to the treatment, these reactions may be stronger and can last longer, but should disappear after some hours.


To reduce these skin reactions, you can shorten the treatment time, reduce the treatment frequency and/or apply less pressure on the skin during treatment.
After 2 weeks of daily usage, your skin should have adapted to treatment with VisaPure. However, if you still experience strong skin reactions after 2 weeks of daily usage, we advise you to stop using VisaPure and give your skin some time to recover. You can continue your treatment once the skin reactions have disappeared, using reduced treatment time and frequency. If strong skin reactions reoccur, we advise you to contact your doctor.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC5371/10 , SC5265/12 , SC5274/10 .

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