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How do I clean my Philips bikini trimmer?

Rinse the removable cutting elements under running water every time you use them. However, never rinse your Philips bikini trimmer entirely under running water.


  • Do not use corrosive detergents, scouring pads or cloths, petrol, acetone etc. to clean the bikini trimmer.

  • To remove the cutting element, push down the release slide and pull the cutting element off the trimming head (Fig.1)

  • When you reattach the cutting element to the trimming head, push up the release slide to make sure the cutting element is fastened properly onto the trimming head (Fig.2)

  • Use the provided cleaning brush to brush any hairs or dirt off the cutting element and the trimmer (Fig.3)

For instruction on how to clean the trimming head, watch our short video below

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The information on this page applies to the following models: HP6388/00 , HP6389/00 , HP6393/01 .

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