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There are white/yellow spots on my Philips Humidifier’s filter

If you notice white or yellow deposits on your Philips Humidifier’s filter, read in the following lines what you can do to solve the issue.

The humidifier has not been descaled

When the filter in your Philips Humidifier is not descaled as often as recommended (every 2 weeks), scale can build up affecting its performance and also creating white or yellow deposits on the filter.

To solve this, descale the filter following these steps:

1 Take out the humidification filter and the filter support from the water tank (A and B in the image below)

2 Remove the humidification filter from the filter support (C in the image below)

  1. Mix white vinegar with an equal amount of tap water in a container that is large enough to soak the humidification filter in

  2. Let the humidification filter soak in the solution for one hour

  3. Discard the water-vinegar solution

  4. Rinse the humidification filter under the tap to rinse away vinegar residues. During rinsing, turn the humidification filter so that both the front and back sides are rinsed

  5. Let excess water drip off the humidification filter

  6. Assemble the humidification filter round the filter support

  7. Put the humidification filter and the filter support back into the water tank

  8. Put the upper unit back onto the water tank

To prevent this from happening, please descale your humidifier’s filter every two weeks.


  • Do not squeeze the filter. This might damage it and impact the humidification performance.
    • Do not dry the filter under direct sunlight.
Removing the humidification filter in a Philips Humidifier

The information on this page applies to the following models: HU4804/40 , HU4804/41 .

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