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    SHC8565/05  Wireless HiFi Headphone
    Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same
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    Wireless HiFi Headphone


    There is no sound from my Philips headphones

    There might be several reasons why you do not hear sound from your Philips headphones. Try these simple steps below to be able to enjoy your music:

    Power supply

    Check if there is power supply for the transmitter.

    Power supply for your Philips transmitter


    Chek if the batteries in the headphone are inserted correctly and are charged.

    Inserting batteries in your Philips headphones


    Check if the transmitter is properly connected to the audio source (such as TV, HiFi or PC).

    Connection to an audio source

    Other troubleshooting steps

    Check the following:

    • The audio source (such as TV, HiFi or PC) is not muted
    • The audio signal for the transmitter is high enough; to increase the audio signal, slowly increase the volume level of the audio source (such as TV, HiFi or PC)
    • If the above does not help, try to switch to another transmission channel on transmitter
      Note: Make sure the channel on the headphone is also switched. This can be done by:
    • If the headphone is equipped with a manual tuning channel switch, switch to the correct transmission channel corresponds with the transmitter
    • If the headphone is equipped with an AUTO-TUNING BUTTON, press and hold the button for about 1 second and the headphone will automatically tune to the correct transmission channel

    Further assistance

    In case all of the above does not help, there may be other problem with the headphones. Contact Philips Consumer Care for further assistance.

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