Antenna rotator

Programmable, Remote controlled SDW1850/17


How to clear the memory of Philips antenna control unit?

Refer to the user manual: “STEP 8 - Operation and Memorisation”


The following procedure will clear all the memory from the control unit.After performing this step you will need to re-synchronise
(STEP 5) and re-memorise the antenna locations.

  1. Turn power off at the control unit
  2. With the power off, press the “D” key and continue to hold while you turn power back
    on the control unit.When the < > lights flash release the “D” key
  3. Turn the power off again and then turn on again
  4. Follow the direction to re-synchronise in Step 5

Remark: your user manual might state “B” key, which is a typing error.

Note – After severe storms you may find it necessary to re-synchronise the rotator
and the control unit.This is considered normal.The unit is designed this way to help prevent
damage to the unit from high winds.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SDW1850/17 .

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