Portable MP3-CD Player



Resume function on my Philips MP3 player does not work

This can be caused by the power saving feature.

For power saving and for prolonging battery life, the unit is switched off automatically if it has been idle for 70 seconds after the display is cleared. The last playback position is cleared from the memory. The unit would resume playback at the 1st title of the 1st album.

The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP2550/17 , EXP2561/17 , EXP2581/17 , EXP3482/17 , EXP3481/07 , EXP3461/17 , EXP3481/17 , EXP3369/17 , EXP3361/07 , EXP3361/17 , EXP3362/17 , EXP7361/17 . more less

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