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    Portable MP3-CD Player

    MP3-CD playback EXP2546/17


    Err, Error, or Disc Error shows on my Philips player

    Make sure that the disc is a digital audio disc. Your player cannot play the following discs:

    • CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-i, VCD, or DVDs
    • CD-R discs that are not finalized or
    • two-sided, CD/DVD discs (called DualDisc or Flip Disc)

    DualDiscs or Flip Discs can cause problems when you play them, and can get stuck in your player.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP2546/17 , AX2420/17 , EXP2550/17 , EXP2581/17 , EXP2561/17 , EXP3482/17 , EXP3481/07 , AX2481/17 , AX2411/07 , EXP3461/17 , EXP3481/17 , AX2411/17 , AX2412/17 , AX3311/07 , AX3312/07 , AX5319/17 , AX3311/17 , AX3312/17 , AX3315/17 , AX5311/17 , AX5312/17 , AX7201/17 . more less

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