GoGEAR MP4 player

16GB* SA5AZU16KF/37


Radio reception on my Philips MP3 player is very poor

The headphone serves as an antenna of the radio. Make sure you have inserted the headphone properly.

If automatic search for tuning is used, it is possible that your player picks up a FM channel with signal that is not strong enough. It can be fine-tuned manually to choose a channel with stronger signal.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA5AZU16KF/37 , SA5MXX04KF/37 , SA4RGA04BF/37 , SA4ARA08KF/37 , SA4ARA16KF/37 , SA4RGA02KFS/37 , SA4RGA04KF/37 , SA4VBE04KF/37 , SA4VBE08KF/37 . more less

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