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My Philips KEY player does not play some files

  • If files are located inside a folder in the KEY Ring Audio player, they cannot be played. Always put music files in the main directory of the player.

  • You may have formatted your KEY Ring Audio player with Windows Explorer. Reformat your KEY Ring Audio Player again with the KEY Ring formatter by going over the steps below.

  • Always make sure that the mode selector switch is in the DOWNLOAD/PLAYBACK position.

  • Connect the player to your PC.

  • At Start > Programs > Philips KEY Ring Wearable Audio Player, select FORMAT. The Philips formatter will launch automatically. (Please avoid using the Windows formatter to format the player, this may sometimes damage the player.)

  • Click START to format the player.

The information on this page applies to the following models: KEY0061/17 , KEY0062/17 , KEY006/17 .

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