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    Prestigo Universal remote control

    Ultra touch 20 in 1 SRT9320/27


    The learning feature in Philips SRT9320 does not work

    • Check that the batteries of your SRT9320 are fully charged

    • Put fresh batteries in the original remote control

    • Check the lighting conditions. Don’t try to use the learn function in direct sunlight or close to light bulbs

    • Check the learning distance (if you are too far or too close, this might create problems)

    • Check the position of the sending LED (if the original remote control has a window, the sending LED could be anywhere behind the window, not necessarily in the middle)

    • Tilt the remotes (LED in original remote control can be tilted)

    • First press and hold the button until your SRT9320 reacts. If this does not work, press the button quickly. And then wait for the SRT9320 to react

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SRT9320/27 .

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