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    50PF7220A/37  flat HDTV
    Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same

    I am having trouble with sound from my Philips TV

    No Sound

    If you are using an accessory device (DVD, DVR) check cables to see that they are secure and if device has audio out option that it is set correctly. Also check to see that Video and Audio cables are connected to matching inputs on your set.

    If you are using DVI to HDMI you will need to use a separate digital audio cable. DVI cables do not carry audio signal. After attaching the audio cable if you still do not hear sound you may need to set Digital Audio In. To do so:

    1. Press Menu Button on remote.
    2. Press the cursor ring down to highlight SETUP.
    3. Press the cursor ring left to enter SETUP menu.
    4. Press the cursor ring down to highlight SOURCE.
    5. Press the cursor ring left to enter SOURCE menu.
    6. Press the cursor ring down to highlight DIGITAL AUDIO IN.
    7. Press the cursor ring down to select the source you want to associate Digital Audio with. HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 in this case.

    Note: Due to legal requirements, it is possible that with certain copy protected PCM audio qualities from a device connected to the HDMI input, the DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT signal is muted.

    Intermittent audio
    Please download and install the latest software version.

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