Matchline widescreen flat TV

107cm (42"), plasma, Progressive Scan 42PF9936D/37


Screen information and closed captioning in Philips TV

Closed Captioning Text Mode being on when station being viewed is not broadcasting CC Text causes this problem.

To turn off Closed Captioning:

  1. Press the 'MENU' button.
  2. Press cursor right to select FEATURES.
  3. Press cursor down to select CLOSED CAPTIONS.
  4. Press cursor right, then cursor up/down to select OFF.
  5. Press the 'MENU' button to exit.

Some words are scambled.

  • Occasional Closed Captioning error is acceptable and considered normal

Picture of channel with scrambled Closed Captioning is less clear (snowier) than channels with good Closed Captioning. Problem with the antenna or cable. If connected to antenna, have the antenna repaired. If connected to cable, contact cable provider.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 42PF9936D/37 , 32PF9966/37 , 32PF9996/37 , 42PF9976/37 , 42PF9956/37 , 50PF9966/37 , 50PF9956/37 , 42PF9996/37 , 42PF9966/37 , 30PF9946D/37 , 30PF9946/37 , 42PF9936/37 . more less

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