Saeco Poemia Manual Espresso machine

Stainless Steel / Black HD8325/47


My Manual Espresso coffee machine is leaking.

If you notice coffee/water leaking from your Manual Espresso coffee machine, please try to establish in which area the machine is leaking. This is important, as the solution depends on where the leakage occurs.

Where does the leakage occur?

  1. Coffee spillage/leaking near the pressurized filter holder.
  2. Plain water under the coffee machine.
Leakage positions manual espresso

1. Coffee spillage/leaking near pressurized filter holder.

a) You have not attached the pressurized filter holder to the brew unit properly.

b) The upper edge of the filter holder and/or filter holder intake are not clean.

c) There is too much ground coffee applied in the ground coffee filter.

d) The wrong filter holder has being applied (E.S.E. filter- vs pre-ground filter holder).

e) The E.S.E. adapter & E.S.E. filter holder have being applied in the wrong order. (see below picture for the right order)

Placing the ESE adapter and filter holder in the correct manner

2. Plain water under the coffee machine.

Please verify if the water container is inserted correctly.  Every time when re-inserting the water container in the machine, push it firmly down till the bottom and the reference mark, see red arrow becomes visible in the picture below.

How to correctly install the water container/water reservoir

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8325/47 , HD8327/01 , HD8327/47 , RI9366/47 , RI9367/47 , RI9373/47 , RI9376/04 . more less

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