Saeco Poemia Manual Espresso machine

Stainless Steel / Black HD8325/47


My Manual Espresso coffee machine is not working.

If the machine is not operating as normal, this may have several causes. Please check all possible causes and solutions with your coffee machine as described below.

The green power-on light is not lit:

a) Make sure the appliance is plugged in and the wall socket has live voltage.

b) Maybe your device is equipped with an Auto Shut Off switch, which switches your coffeemaker off automatically after 30 minutes, switch the appliance back on again.

c) Check if you have not connected too many other appliances to the same circuit, which caused the power to be interrupted. Consult an electrician in case of doubt.

The green power-on light is lit

If the green power-on light is lit but not heating up the water, prime/flush the machine.

Follow below instruction:

  1. Rinse and fill the water tank.
  2. Switch the ON/OFF button on the back to the “I” position.
  3. The “Power-ON” light at the front will turn on.
  4. Place a container under the milkfrother.
  5. Open the “Hot water /steam” knob on the side by turning it counter clockwise.
  6. Set the Selection knob to the “Coffee” position. Dispense the whole water tank.
  7. When finished close the “Hot water/steam” knob and set the Selection knob to the “Neutral position”.

The appliance is now primed/flushed again.

First Flush procedure Poemia manual espresso

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8325/47 , HD8327/01 , HD8327/47 , RI9366/47 , RI9367/47 , RI9373/47 , RI9376/04 . more less

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