Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 Sonic electric toothbrush

Built-in pressure sensor, 1 cleaning mode, 1 x BrushSync feature, Travel case HX6809/81

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Sonicare brush head changing my brushing mode

The Sonicare Smart brush heads will automatically change to a recommended mode and intensity level when attached for the first time. Find out how this works.

BrushSync mode pairing

A chip inside the Smart brush head communicates with the Sonicare toothbrush handle. This is called BrushSync technology. The handle will automatically recognize the brush head and selects the correct mode and intensity level. This gives you the best brushing experience.

For a list of the original Philips Sonicare Smart brush head settings please see the table attachment below.

Changing modes

If you want to change the brushing mode and intensity level, you can manually change these settings at any point. Your toothbrush will remember the changed settings for the next time.
See this article on changing modes and intensities for more information.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX6809/81 , HX6877/73 , HX6877/48 , HX6871/49 , HX6859/40 , HX6857/43 , HX6810/50 , HX6877/33 , HX6877/21 , HX6876/21 , HX6871/41 , HX6857/32 , HX6857/11 , HX6853/11 , HX6850/60 , HX6829/82 , HX6829/81 , HX6817/31 , HX6817/01 , HX6816/01 , HX6812/01 , HX6811/01 , HX9924/36 , HX9984/48 , HX9984/28 , HX9984/19 , HX9984/08 , HX6809/82 , HX6809/83 , HX6820/60 , HX6827/11 , HX9957/51 , HX9903/01 , HX9924/41 , HX9924/21 , HX9924/11 , HX9924/01 , HX9903/41 , HX9903/21 , HX9903/11 , HX9042/65 , HX9073/65 , HX9062/65 , HX9052/95 , HX9052/65 , HX9042/95 , HX9945/01 , HX6888/18 , HX9985/01 , HX9985/41 , HX9985/21 , HX9985/11 , HX9945/08 , HX9985/08 , HX9985/18 , HX9985/28 , HX9985/48 . more less

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