Beardtrimmer series 7000 Vacuum beard trimmer

1mm precision settings, Self-sharpening blades, 50mins cordless use/8h charge, Integrated vacuum system QT4050/32


My beard trimmer is displaying an E symbol

If your beard trimmer is showing an E-symbol on the display this is an error message, indicating that the motor of the trimmer has failed. Please follow our simple tips to troubleshoot this problem.

Cutter is dirty

It is possible for some hair to get stuck in your beard trimmer, causing motor blockage. These hair can be easily removed by simply detaching the cutter, cleaning it according to the given instructions and then reattaching it back to the trimmer handle.

Cutter is dry

It can also be that the cutter of the groomer is dry. In this case we advise to lubricate it with a drop of sewing machine oil or something similar.

The information on this page applies to the following models: QT4050/32 , QT4070/32 , QT4050/41 , QT4070/41 . more less

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