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    HR2375/06 Avance Collection Pasta maker
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    Avance Collection Pasta maker


    My pasta maker shows an error code. What can I do?

    If your pasta maker shows an error code, there can be several reasons. Please find out how we can help you.

    The mixing paddle may be blocked

    If the mixing paddle is blocked by a foreign object (such as dough might be too dry), your pasta maker could show an error code.

    Please make sure the paddle is not blocked: Disconnect your pasta maker, clean it and restart it.

    The wrong program has been selected

    Selecting the wrong program could cause an error code.
    Please, restart your pasta maker and select the correct program.

    The chamber contains more than 500g or less than 200g flour

    The chamber of your pasta maker should contain between 200g and 500g flour.

    If less than 200g flour have been added, please add more.

    If more than 500g flour have been added, please remove some.

    The pasta maker is not on a flat surface

    Your Philips pasta maker needs to be on a flat surface. If it is not, then it might show an error code.

    Please, make sure it is located on a flat surface.

    software not working properly

    If none of the above solves the issue, then the software of your pasta maker might not be working properly.

    In this case, we recommend you to contact Philips Consumer Care for a solution.

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