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Trim, edge, shave, For any length of hair, 14-length precision comb, Rechargeable, wet & dry use QP6520/70


How do I trim my beard with Philips OneBlade Pro?

If you would like to find out how to trim your beard with the Philips OneBlade Pro, please read our simple instructions below.

The precision trimming comb on your OneBlade allows you to trim to different lengths. Start at the highest setting to first get some practice with your Oneblade.

Trimming with Philips OneBlade Pro

1) Place the combing attachment on your OneBlade Pro, with the teeth of the comb pointing upwards.

2) Turn the hair length setting wheel to select the desired hair length setting.

3) Switch on your device.

4) Bring the combing head of the OneBlade pro in contact with your skin and start trimming.

Tip: For best results move the deivce in the direction of the teeth of the comb.

5) Once you are satisfied with the trimming results, switch off your OneBlade Pro.

We recommend cleaning your OneBlade Pro after every use. Remove the comb by holding it from both edges and pulling it off the device.

Trimming with Philips OneBlade Pro

Expert tips

Always trim in the direction of the comb teeth and make sure that the flat part of the comb is in full contact with the skin for an even trimming result.

Since hair grows in different directions, move your OneBlade in different directions to make sure you catch all the hair.

Trimming is easier when your skin and hair are dry.

Holding the device

The information on this page applies to the following models: QP6520/70 .

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