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    SleepMapper App Helps measure and monitor sleep


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Using the sticky sensors of the SmartSleep

    If you wonder how long you can use the sticky sensors of the SmartSleep, please look here if we can answer your questions.

    How many nights can I use the sticky ear sensors? How do I know when I have to use a new one?

    Up to 3 uses are the normal use period for the sticky sensor behind the ear. If it is not secure at the time you go to bed, then you will not have a good contact and will not receive the full value of the sleep tones through the night for your recovery in deep sleep.
    Do not use each SmartSleep sensor more than 3 nights because it could affect device performance. The SmartSleep Sensor (behind the ear) is considered a disposable component and should be replaced every 3 nights.

    The gel in the middle of the SmartSleep Sensor is very important to its function. If the gel becomes dislodged, discard the sensor and use a new one.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: HH1600/00 , HH1600/02 , HH1600/03 .

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