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    Norelco OneBlade Pro Face + Body

    Trim, edge, shave, For any length of hair QP6620/72


    The trimming comb of my Philips OneBlade keeps falling off

    If the trimming comb of your Philips OneBlade falls off while in use, check our troubleshooting advice to identify the root cause and fix this problem.

    The comb is not attached properly

    While attaching the trimming comb to your Philips OneBlade, ensure that you hear a click. This means that the attachment is fixed properly and is ready to use. If you try using the OneBlade while the trimming comb is not properly attached, it can fall off during use and cause inconvenience.

    The comb is broken

    Check the comb thoroughly to see if it looks damaged or broken from anywhere. Pay special attention to the back of the comb, where you can see tiny brackets which are supposed to clip on the OneBlade body.
    Dropping the device, or tapping it to a hard surface like the sink to clean or dry it, can also cause damage to it.
    If these parts are broken, the comb will not attach properly. Get a replacement from our
    online shop or contact us for further help.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: QP6620/72 , QP2630/75 , QP6510/70 , QP2630/72 , QP2630/70 , QP2520/72 , QP2520/92 , QP6520/70 , QP2520/90 , QP2520/70 , QP2520/71 . more less

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