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    SCF651/43 Philips Avent Natural nipple
    Please be aware that your product may differ in color from this picture, but the support information is same
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    Philips Avent Natural nipple


    My Philips Avent Natural nipple collapses

    If you experience a collapsed nipple or the nipple is drawn into the bottle, the anti-colic valve may be blocked or stuck together. Below you will find more information and steps on how to solve this.

    Philips Avent regular and collapse nipples

    Find the anti-colic valve

    The anti-colic valve is located below one of the numbers that is printed on the base of the nipple.

    Philips Avent anti-colic valve

    Clean and sterilize your nipples

    It is important that you clean your nipples regularly to avoid any blockage in the anti-colic valve. To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. Disassemble the bottle and nipple, and wash them in warm soapy water
    2. Find the valve, located below one of the numbers that is printed on the base of the nipple
    3. Hold the nipple below the valve and pull the tip firmly, until you see the valve opening
    4. Continue your cleaning routine by sterilizing your parts and allow them to air dry
    Philips Avent cleaning nipples

    Fixing a collapsed nipple while feeding

    In case the nipple collapses during feeding, follow the steps below on how you can fix this:

    1. Pull the nipple out of the bottle using your clean fingers or tongs
    2. Find the valve, located below one of the numbers that is printed on the base of the nipple
    3. Pull the nipple sideways, making sure the valve is on top while you are pulling the nipple sideways. Pull firmly until you see the valve opening
    4. Once opened, you can continue the feed
    Philips Avent releasing nipples

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF651/43 , SCF657/43 , SCF655/43 , SCF654/43 , SCF653/43 , SCF652/43 , SCF016/47 , SCF013/41 , SCF013/42 , SCF010/48 , SCF010/49 , SCF010/17 , SCF657/23 , SCF655/23 , SCF654/23 , SCF653/23 , SCF652/23 , SCF651/23 , SCF010/27 , SCF010/37 , SCF010/38 , SCF010/39 , SCF010/47 , SCF013/17 , SCF013/27 , SCF013/37 , SCF013/38 , SCF013/39 , SCF013/43 , SCF013/44 , SCF013/47 , SCF013/48 , SCF013/49 , SCF013/57 , SCF013/58 , SCF013/59 , SCF016/27 , SCF016/37 , SCF019/25 , SCF262/01 , SCF262/02 , SCF262/03 , SCF659/31 , SCF659/47 , SCF659/37 , SCF659/36 , SCF659/35 , SCF659/34 , SCF659/33 , SCF659/32 , SCF262/04 , SCF657/25 , SCF655/27 , SCF651/27 , SCF652/27 , SCF653/27 , SCF654/27 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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