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    How do I restore my brushing streak in the Sonicare For Kids App?

    Published on 23 May 2024
    In some situations, it is possible to restore a brushing streak in the Sonicare For Kids app. 
    1. Select the child's profile in the app.
    2. Select the calendar button on the left side of the screen.

    3. Select the option that says, “My calendar.”
    4. Click the sun and/ or the moon depending on what is missing so a green check mark appears next to the day. You should see a yellow icon where the red 'X' was.


    6. Go to the Parent Dashboard.
    7. Click where there are yellow half-circles. These represent the morning and evening sessions where credit was requested. Select the green check mark.

    image.png    image.png

    8. This will grant credit for the previously missed sessions and restore any brushing streaks!
    If you are still experiencing issues with the Sonicare For Kids app, please reach out to us directly at Contact Philips Support | Philips for further assistance.


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